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We'd like to thank everyone who has contacted us at DateMyFriend. We really appreciate your feedback so would love to share it with our singles community. If you do not want your feedback to be published, please let us know your preference in your feedback email to

  • "Having been a participant & supporter of online dating in the past, I was naturally curious of what unique point of difference ‘Date My Friend’ could offer. It gives a refreshing, insightful & innovative take on profile creation by having the clients close friend create their unique profile! No other online dating business offers this ease of signing up particularly for men who may feel reticent in putting themselves out there!"

  • "I love the concept of date my friend as it adds something back into dating that I feel has been lacking and other 'dating sites' have erased... Which is actual connect-ability, familial recommendation and honest interpretations. We didn't always meet that potential special someone through anonymous coffee dates where you had to have a friend on call to 'call with an emergency' just in case they were nuts. DateMyFriend gives back the fun part of dating!"

  • "It's like getting a referral to say that this guy is genuine. Unlike those other dating sites where the majority are on there for all the wrong reasons! Glad DateMyFriend is now around!"

  • "I love the whole idea of DMF - having your friends describe you makes such a difference to how the person comes across. It will certainly make it interesting for me and to see others through their friends eyes which can be a real insight in to who this person is and great to see they actually have friends who will vouch for them. That gives me comfort!"

  • "This is the best dating site I have come across so far in over three years. I think you have a winning formula!"