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Susannah A friend has endorsed this member so this is a DateMyFriend verified profile 50, looking for a male between 48-55
  • Age: 50
  • Sex: Female
  • Area: Preston, Victoria

How my friend Tracey describes me...

My friend Susannah is a funny, kind and intelligent woman who has a great deal of passion and enthusiasm for life. She is a caring Mum of two young girls, has invested much of her working life into social justice endeavors and has a quirkiness that is incredibly endearing. She is quite well travelled, has a strong sense of herself and of her values and is grounded by family commitment. She is not always confident but deserves to be. Shi is interested in spirituality and fond peace through physical activity. I have known Susannah since we were in our early 20s. In that time i have seen her face some significant challenges that have tested her resolve. She has only become more human with even greater levels of empathy for others. She is not oerfect as none of us are. I believe the right man, a man who is comfortable with his own vulnerability and humanity, will enrich her life as she will his. She needs someone who is creative, empathetic with a quick wit. He needs to have an awesome sense of humor and be able to laugh at himself. Susannah can be too self critical. He needs to be someone who can help her understand what a genuinely amazing person she is. He needs to be grounded, appreciate music and the arts and have social justice leanings. He needs to be independent and kind. Susannah is about to say goodbye to her 40s so he needs yo be somewhere in that ball park. Susannah loves going walking in the bush and has an appreciation for nature in general as much as inner city living. She is an incredible lady who has enriched my life immensely. She has been there for me when others would find it challenging. She is unwavering in terms of her depth of character and her commitment to others. To top all of this off she is the funniest person i know and a real spunk in a natural kind of way. She lives in the moment but plans for the future. She is incredible and deserves a humbly incredible fella.