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Alison A friend has endorsed this member so this is a DateMyFriend verified profile 42, looking for a male between 36-52
  • Age: 42
  • Sex: Female
  • Area: Laverton, Victoria

How my friend Travers describes me...

So Alison is my best friend on the entire planet and, against my better judgement, I have decided that I can share her with the right person! In all seriousness, I have known Ali for over 17 years and we have shared amazing experiences from one side of the globe to the other. Apart from being stunning, she is also genuine, adventurous, and fiercely loyal. Ali is smart (has post-graduate qualifications), she is fun (makes an amazing Aperol Spritz), has a great career (she actually enjoys her job – most days), and importantly, she scored 4.95 out of 5 luscious lips on the kissing satisfaction survey of 2009. She is comfortable in any situation: kicking goals in the board room, watching the perfect soufflé rise in the kitchen, chugging a beer in the pub, or smashing out answers to music trivia in the … well, still in the pub. She runs marathons, but loves a hearty cheeseboard too. She enjoys the ballet, but right after watching stuff get smashed in the latest Marvel film (has seen all 23 and is braced for Phase Four). There is nothing not to love about this woman! Please submit your expression of interest and we will assess your suitability for the position of Mr Right!