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Tony A friend has endorsed this member so this is a DateMyFriend verified profile 47, looking for a female between 38-46
  • Age: 47
  • Sex: Male
  • Area: Wantirna, Victoria

How my friend Tanja describes me...

Pick my friend!! Pick my friend!!! So I could be your fairy godmother or your worst nightmare as the best friend of your potential new partner, its all up to you. My best friend is the most genuine, loyal, easy-going guy you'll ever be lucky enough to know, and I've had the pleasure of knowing him for 20+ years so I know he's the real deal. Yes ladies, there are good guys left out there. But there's only one Tony and he's the best of the bunch. So what you need to know about him...…. he has always been a hard worker and just recently changed career streams. He has a great family but if you're a shy wallflower you'll be the odd one out. You don't enter his home as a stranger and leave as family, you walk in the door as family already. And his friends, both old and new, are the same. Some of his friends have been hanging around 30 years or more so you know he must be doing the right thing along the way. And the man can DANCE!!!!! So if you don't mind the occasional night out carving up the dance floor you'll fit in perfectly. What we need to know about you...… a lady that respects herself as much as she respects others.... and respect is THE most important thing. Someone without too many hang-ups about their image or social status, someone that can have a good time no matter what they're doing. A good work/life balance is important. Someone that can be open and truthful. Just be straight up, no bullsh*t. Tony lives in Melbourne's East and works close by. He's 46, not previously married with no children but he's Godfather to all of mine. He makes an awesome gnocchi! Ohhh the most important prerequisite is you must like Nutella!