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  • Age: 33
  • Sex: Female
  • Area: Lavington, New South Wales

How my friend Sjkb describes me...

Hello! My best friend is 33 and surprisingly single! She is the sort of friend that everyone wants. She is hilarious fun, always up for a laugh, super smart and a ridiculously good teacher, committed to the education of kids both here and overseas. Lizzie is loyal and fun with a strong Christian faith. She doesn’t have time for game playing boys, which is maybe why she’s single! Let’s not pretend it’s all sunshine and rainbows. She gets very hangry sometimes. But you’ll figure that out. She also won’t last too long with small talk over text. She’s the sort of gal who will just want to meet you in person for a beer and a chin wag. So don’t be coy, that won’t get you far. And I promise you’ll have a good laugh and come away from meeting her feeling awesome. Boring guys need not apply.