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  • Age: 52
  • Sex: Female
  • Area: Parramatta, New South Wales

A little bit about me

I feel happy in my skin, am optimistic,have a young outlook and for the most part am content with my lot.I think those that know me would agree that I'm independent, High maintenance and willing to put time and effort into relationships. I've come to know that relationships are what really matter in life so I place great value on family and friends. I'm also a realist, so when there are problems I believe that open and honest communication is the key to sorting things out and keeping expectations in sync.At times I enjoy being in my own space, but a special intimate companion to spend time with and share the journey would round out what really is a good life. I don't need to be 'in love' to give my life meaning and would be happy to start with a caring friendship that can be depended over time. On the other hand I believe in chemistry so if things feel right I'm generally happy to go with the flow. I enjoy discussing serious.