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  • Age: 61
  • Sex: Female
  • Area: Kenthurst, New South Wales

How my friend Margaret describes me...

Hello everyone,
I don't hesitate to recommend my friend Athena, she is very special to myself my husband and family. We have known each other for over twenty years as a friend colleague and classmate. We met while she was conducting classes for a Natural Cosmetic Industry, I became one of her students and from there we shared many journies into the Healing Fields, which we both have a passion for. Athena and I studied Herbal Medicine with a very famous Herbalist for many years.. After graduation Athena went on to create a very successful career in that Industry. Athena is an incredible organiser and is now running classes teaching and mentoring others, interested in gaining that knowledge.
Athena gathers her many friends together to enjoy life in a fun and friendly way, she loves entertaining and dining and creates many get togethers where she shows us all her exceptional culinary skills.
Her Interests are many and varied, she practises meditation, yoga and attends spiritual classes and gym classes.She loves to swim and whenever we go away together she tries to convince me to take a dawn dip in the hotel pool or the ocean! Athena belongs to an Apellago choir which she travels with, she loves music and her tastes are varied. She joins with a drumming group which brings out her wild side.. she has amazing energy and attracts people from all walks of life. She is a very loving caring kind and extremely generous person. We are always swapping books as we both love to read; ancient history, mythology and autobiographies and any books aiding spiritual growth. Athena is a loving and accepting person of all races and has many friends in all genders, she does not judge anyone for their personal preferences in relationships.  Athena has loving relationships with her two independant adult children. She is attractive and fun-loving and enjoys the movies and live theatre. From what I know of Athena's wishes she is looking for a like-minded partner to enjy fun and meanginful times