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  • Age: 24
  • Sex: Female
  • Area: Stafford, Queensland

A little bit about me

Why didn't the skeleton dance at the party? She had no body to dance with. I'm here to meet someone to share my love of life with ? Here's a few things about me: Lover of dad jokes, being silly and dirty humour. Love traveling, exploring, gardening, camping, fishing and trying new things. Health and well-being is very important to me, however I'm also a huge foodie (Not a gym junkie). Enjoy yoga, walking, puzzles, board games, reading, movies, or just listening to live music with a cider or two. I'm an environmentalist and nature lover at heart and do everything I can too help the planet. I'm very family orientated and not interested in someone who isn't.? My dog is my baby and comes before or else ? Let's meet up and see if my dog likes you and we can go from there ?

How other friends reviewed Karli...

Karli, how do i describe this one! haha... Karli is pretty fucking awesome if you ask me. She is fun, caring, outgoing, affectionate. My favourite thing about Karli would be how open minded she is. She can literally talk about almost anything, and i mean anything hahaha. She loves improving herself by working on herself daily. She likes to keep healthy and active through yoga and pilates. Very happy and lucky to have this one in my life.

- Jessie