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Carly A friend has endorsed this member so this is a DateMyFriend verified profile 30, looking for a male between 25-30
  • Age: 30
  • Sex: Female
  • Area: Mooroolbark, Victoria

How my friend Stefany describes me...

Carly has been an amazing friend for 16 years. She started out a quiet but very caring friend and I have had the pleasure of watching her blossom into the independent woman who she is today. She is no longer that quiet and innocent young girl but she is sophisticated, fun loving, caring and kind. As I write this I’m anxiously ensuring my spelling and grammar are correct. Carly is always up for an adventure, which usually ends in wine and cheese or food. I suggest you don’t take her shopping, it will take hours and she will spend a lot of money, actually as I wrote this sentence, she was casually doing some online shopping. But as you learn to get past it, I’m sure you will love her as much as I do. Don’t worry she is more controlled these days. She will often talk about getting fit, but this is more an ideal and a collection of activewear. In saying this I think you will find her attractive!! Other hobbies she has include books and movies….however you will need to discuss this further with her because it’s definitely not a mutual interest. Apparently if you like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings you will have hours of conversations on this topic. On that note she is not nerdy. Music and dancing are her thing….CD’s…I’m not sure what they are anymore. She likes old music and new stuff to, she is fairly open and we have shared some concerts and live music together. Carly is well travelled to many places around the globe, so you need to be someone who loves to travel. She is trusting and independent, with a big heart and is always there for a friend. Carly is hard working and always has a goal in life, whether it be more travel, career advancement or a bucket list of adventures to be had. So what kind of man should she attract…(in no particular order)….hard working, caring, passionate, kind, friendly, fun, mature, grounded and goal focused in life. Some interests you will share; delicious foods, quality time with family and friends and travel.