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  • Age: 31
  • Sex: Female
  • Area: Sydney, New South Wales

How my friend Alex describes me...

Often referred to as ‘Nana’ or ‘Coco Moon’ describing Christie is like trying to describe how it feels taking a bite of a warm freshly baked doughnut or picking your nose while no one is watching. Highly enjoyable and slightly shameful that you are having so much fun.

The sheer fact she granted me permission to paint such a colourful picture of her life should be proof enough that she is a down to earth chick. She’s not the kind of girl to burn your house down if you cheat on her. I swear.

I’ve been honoured to know her long enough to have a few stand out memories I’d like to share with all her future ex husbands.

  • Coming home after a weekend away to find a shopping trolley in the middle of my apartment. Christie passed out facedown and naked.
  • Receiving a Snapchat video of her attempting to steal an entire potted plant from a well known Sydney Nightclub. She was unsuccessful in her attempts.
  • Ordering a box of fresh oysters to be delivered to my house that she forgot about. No one was home to collect them from my door so the hallway smelt like dead fish for a week. Thanks Christie.
  • Taking her top off in the back of a taxi in Vietnam. She has absolutely no memory of this but I have the video.
  • Letting me drive her brand new car with no license in peak hour traffic.

I know lots of people SAY their friends are funny but clearly Christie IS funny.

And hot, but duh.

Just being around this little ‘Moon‘ makes life feels better and you tend smilie a lot more. At least I do.

She’s also incredibly kind, generous, thoughtful, loyal, patient and nurturing. Everything I could want in a friend and everything you could want in a lover.

Here’s a poem to finish things off;

Cocos her name

And her tits are insane.

Shes not just boobs

This girl will change your views.

She is so damn funny

You'd think that's how she made her money.

Her style is the most and

Kinder than any host

You’ll love my dearest friend

Coco Moon