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  • Age: 40
  • Sex: Female
  • Area: Croydon Park, New South Wales

How my friend Davina describes me...

Dependable, Generous, Fun Loving, Family and Fan are some of the many words you can use to describe Julia. She is an incredible  friend that I could not be without, she's there through the highs and lows.
Dependable because she will always support listen and advise you if you ask for it with equal doses of understanding and chastisement as required.
Generous in every way, with friendship, time, family. You are always welcome to be part of each and every part of her life that you would like to be involved with, such an open heart.
Fun loving because she is always encouraging me to do and try new things and always looking for new fun and exciting things for us to do. She loves discovering and experiencing new music fed by her annual pilgrimage to Bluesfest.
Family because Julia is a very important part of her wider family who are a big part of her life and who welcome you as her friend with equally open hearts.
Fan, this woman loves her sports. Footy and netball get the star spots, but she follows just about everything to a point.