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  • Age: 36
  • Sex: Female
  • Area: South Perth, Western Australia

How my friend Amelia describes me...

Zoe and I have been best friends since birth - she is my oldest friend so I feel very qualified to tell you everything about her. She is kind. She is sparkly. She is pretty. She radiates life! She is full of surprises - so glamorous and utterly feminine on the outside; cricket-mad, country girl on the inside! She is generous with her time and stands by my side through all of life’s occasions, good and bad. She gets a cracking tan. She says ‘yes’ to new experiences, life is never dull with Zoe. My kids love her. She is hands down the most loyal person I know. She is fun, she is a stayer! She has a mild online shopping obsession. She is one of my favourite people and although I’m bias, she would make the most kind, supportive and loving partner. I have seen her in every stage of life, and year on year she remains a beautiful, compassionate and thoughtful person. She really is just a lovely, normal girl who knows how to have fun and not take life too seriously. You would be a lucky guy!

How my friend Megan describes me...

What a pleasure to be able to describe my friend Zoe.
One of the most thoughtful, charming, considerate and generous people you could ever meet. Passion for so many things ranging from food and wine, through to fishing, horse racing and the Essendon football club (yes, I am judgey about this also!)!

The first person to buy a round of drinks, the one to pick you off the floor when your world falls apart and the one who would do anything for those she loves. Anyone in Zoe's world is lucky.

A truly beautiful soul, both inside and out. The life of the party or the perfect companion to sit and watch the cricket for hours on end...

Zoe has strength in personality which makes her strong willed and determined yet a softness and caring nature which makes her a compassionate and loving best friend- someone you should get to know!