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  • Age: 27
  • Sex: Male
  • Area: Cockatoo, Victoria

How my friend Ford describes me...

Brenton is probably the kindest most warm hearted man you will ever meet. He is a touch shy at first, which he makes up for by talking a little too much, but once he warms up you will find he is probably one of the most interesting and passionate people you will ever meet. He's old fashioned and respectful. the kind of guy who will take you out on a date, hold the door for you and pull out your chair before you sit down. he has a long list of hobbies including volunteer work for the SES. if you are looking for a genuine, nice guy who will always treat you right you would be a fool to look past this amazing man!

Brenton responded with...

Brenton hasn't responded to his description yet.

A little bit of trivia...

Going on a random roadtrip and not knowing the destination
When I moved to Canada