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  • Age: 56
  • Sex: Female
  • Area: Gladesville, New South Wales

A little bit about me

I am a happy, confident and genuine person with great personality. I am driven, ambitious, intelligent, stylish, sociable, playful and fun to be around. I enjoy keeping active and love dancing and travelling. I have strong values, clear priorities, and high standards. In a relationship, I am very loving, caring, emotionally nurturing, affectionate, loyal, faithful and giving. I am kind and gentle by nature and I bring the best out of my man! I am interested in meeting a man with qualities such as sincerity, maturity, integrity, honesty and good communication skills. Someone I can connect with intellectually, emotionally, physically and has confidence and self awareness to express his thoughts and emotions. A strong, secure, positive and confident man will compliment me. What you see in my profile picture is what you'll see if we meet. I am genetically blessed and am very young in looks, attitude and behaviour. I would also appreciate a recent photograph.