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  • Age: 48
  • Sex: Female
  • Area: Broadbeach, Queensland

How my friend Kelli describes me...

My friend is one of the most caring, fun and out going people i know, she.loves life and always tries to see the best in everyone. 

Loves her dog to bits haha.
I think Kelli wpuld make the most amazing girlfriend as she always puts 110% into her relationships.
She is always laughing even at herself.
Likes to go on adventures and will be out n about enjoying life when she can. 
She's a little to honest but thats her and you know you will always know where you stand with her.
She's bubbly and fun to be around. 
She takes pride i  her looks but it no way high maintenance. As she loves being a day as well haha.
You'd be silly to pass up a date with Kelli 
She's truely looking for love. 

Kelli responded with...

Kelli hasn't responded to her description yet.

A little bit of trivia...

Do you like animals,Have you ever walked out on a date?