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  • Age: 41
  • Sex: Female
  • Area: Perth Wa, Australia

A little bit about me

My passions are music and travel. I believe my dreams will come true, so I try to live from this space. I am learning to do less and be more- something this seems to go against the grain, but it feels right, though strange at times. When I think about living my BEST LIFE it really excites me. When I look at my life and see that 80% is in line with my dreams, I am proud and grateful. I believe in living heaven on earth and in everyone else being able to live that too. The world is in transition, yes. Transition is often uncomfortable because it means a lot of change. But I do believe we're going to transform into a better planet, a better society, better human-beings. I feel grateful to be on the planet at this time. My personality? I think its best described through reading my essay question responses below.