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  • Age: 20
  • Sex: Male
  • Area: Chippendale, New South Wales

A little bit about me

I would describe myself as a fun, loving, outgoing and mature person. My passions are the outdoors, horse riding, music and aviation. I work as a horse trainer contractor, training wild and young horses. Love the job but its a bit dangerous sometimes. I also take people on horse treks, kids on pony rides and love doing multi day horse treks. Would love to take the right girl on a lovely romantic ride :) I don`t have any pets yet but I grew up with a lot of dogs and cats and if you want to be with me, you need to like pets. I play the guitar, piano and I do a bit of singing. Music is the main way I relax when I can`t go out on a ride. I have also always loved aviation and would love to someday get my pilots licence. I am looking for the right girl, the one I love and the one who loves me. Someone who is beautiful, smart, funny, loving, caring, forgiving are all things I look for. I find that inner beauty is more important than outer beauty. You must always put family first, no matter what else is going on.