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Joe A friend has endorsed this member so this is a DateMyFriend verified profile 45, looking for a female between 33-43
  • Age: 45
  • Sex: Male
  • Area: Geelong Vic, Australia

How my friend Sarah describes me...

I met Joe back in 2015 at a local MeetUp event in Geelong and now consider him one of my best mates.

We quickly discovered a mutual love for cafes and nature.

After that day, we've been planning catchups that revolve around foodbike rides, yoga, nature walks, festivals, camping and permaculture (sustainability).

Joe is down-to-earthintelligent [he's up-to-date news and current affairs which means I don't have to read newspapers; Joe just fills me in!], athleticfunny and extremely caring.

He lends a helping hand to anyone in need.

He's great at conversation and builds new friendships easily.

Why is Joe still single you might ask?

Because he's a gentleman.

He often misses the opportunity to ask people out... spending all his time being friendly and avoiding the leap of asking someone out.

And don't we all do that!? It's why singles use apps, right?

... because we stay in our comfort zones, afraid of being vulnerable,

of coming on too strong, or afraid of being rejected...

Anyway, back to Joe.

Joe is a hardworker - he has a great work ethic, and often picks up the slack for others.

When he's not socialising, playing rugby, catching-up with his family and friends, or working, the place to find him would be Bunnings in his backyard.

He's transformed what was a typical suburban backyard into a permaculture project.

The latest edition being bees, who arrived on their own accord because they found his backyard so appealing.

I know when Joe finds the love of his life that he will treat her like a princess.

He's hoping to find someone who's equally outgoing, yet compassionate with others.

His ideal partner would be "the-girl-next-door-type" who is kind, active, intelligent, and fun to be around.

Joe is highly skilled on account of his life-long journey of learning.

He's currently working towards changing career to be in the sustainable energy industry (wind-farms).

As for pet-hates; Joe has no time for cheaters or drama queens.

Ultimately, Joe wants to find genuine love.

He'll be a great husband / father.

Joe is a catch - a rare gem!