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  • Age: 22
  • Sex: Male
  • Area: Beldon, Western Australia

How my friend Austen describes me...

Jordan Carr, my brother from another mother, is the bloke that will fill that hole in your life twice over.

As his good mate as well as his blood cousin, I've witnessed him to be full of both loyalty and devotion. It's a fact that he never dogs the boys and somehow still has plenty of time for the girls. He makes his bank up at a rock quarry, and with plenty of loader operator experience he sure knows how to deliver a load. When he's not taking on hard yakka at the mines, at home he's a skilled, passionate gamer who will also settle in for a chill night of Vampire Diaries and Netflix (yes ladies, he actually has his own subscription!). Lead guitarist of the infamous Beldon duo 'Arcade Brunch', his love for both acoustic and electric guitar showcases his character as an electric partner with a mellow personality, and with a good helping of Mediterranean genes, Jordy's a true Italian stallion with the thick black hair to match. So prepare your saddle and give him a go.