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  • Age: 40
  • Sex: Female
  • Area: Potts Point, New South Wales

How my friend James describes me...

You know that feeling when you meet someone and you know you will be friends forever.... that's the feeling I got from Tori. First impressions were beautiful, articulate, funny, open and fun fun fun. Our first conversation resulted in many many laughs, not giggles, belly laughs and since then there have been many more.

Since our first meeting a year ago when we met at work Tori continues to surprise and amaze me, in the best possible way. Some things I've learned in addition to my first impression

1. She continually wants to develop as a person, intellectually and spiritually, She reads and reads and reads and has the ability to pick pearls of wisdom to help her reflect and become a better person. That might sound very deep and profound but this is not all consuming for her. She is focussed but not fixated.

2. She is social! She loves to mingle and without trying tends to get LOTS of attention. She's that girl in the room that people want to get to know and gravitate towards. However, although you may be surrounded by people she has an amazing ability to connect with you and just you. A true gift. Being social to her is all about people. She doesn't drink and doesn't need to drink. Always up for a gathering and first to suggest Karaoke. The sexiest thing I find about her is how unaware she is of her magnetism. So a top tip would be. If you like her, TELL HER. Don't be subtle.

3. I could go on.... and on.... and on but I want you to keep reading and so I will summarise

She has a great career and is respected by her colleagues but works to live and not lives to work

She loves her fitness but she loves her food just as much

She loves Stevie Nicks but can drop it likes its hot

She comes across as a extroverted but enjoys her alone time

She is independent and needs nothing but is a hopeless romantic...poetry, letters, candles, home cooked meals are a winner!

Basically in my eyes she is the package that needs a bow! But even without a bow is still THE MOST AMAZING GIFT.

Tori responded with...

Tori hasn't responded to her description yet.

A little bit of trivia...

Anything out of my comfort zone: skydiving, abseiling, a spontaneous trip
Discomfort is the birthplace of growth
My first solo travel experience to Fiji
Bad kissing and emotional immaturity
What lights you up?,What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?