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  • Age: 38
  • Sex: Male
  • Area: Melbourne, Victoria

How my friend Jacqui describes me...

Where do I even begin to describe this wonderful human being! I met my dear friend over 20 years ago now and she constantly surprises me with her wit, determination, positive outlook on life and her ability to always see the best in people (which is also one of her downfalls!) Ideal profile is a happy person, loves adventure and never backs away from a challenge. All those who come into contact with her immediately feel warmth and compassion and know they have met someone of substance. She does drive me crazy at times with always wanting to get out and about so I think she needs to learn how to do nothing every once in a while. I still don't know why she's not met that someone special, she's had a few boyfriends in the past but no-one that she has found that really shared her same values and zest for life.

Those out there who love energy, passion, the ability to not take yourself too seriously, fun, stability and honourability, Ideal Profile is someone you would want to meet. I love the fact I could write this for my friend as she doesn't know how wonderful she is and how important she is to all her friends. I really do hope she finds someone on this site!  You'll love her!

How other friends reviewed Ideal Profile - Female...

Love the catch ups I have over a Champagne (or two) with this gal! Always lots to talk about and fun to be had! She always makes me laugh and always looks great. Takes a lot of care in her appearance but also happy to get dirty (as in mud dirty :-)!! Always the party girl although slowing down a bit now! She's a true gem, anyone would be lucky to have her

- Kitty

Tiffany is someone who loves the finer things in life but is equally happy to rough it camping or canyoning. She loves a glass of bubbles with friends and is very often the life of the party. Her great sense of humour and easy laugh, draws people to her.

- Tarsh