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Emmanuel A friend has endorsed this member so this is a DateMyFriend verified profile 42, looking for a female between 38-56
  • Age: 42
  • Sex: Male
  • Area: Broome Wa, Australia

How my friend Skyvillahome describes me...

I have known Emmanuel for 6yrs now and he is a wonderful and nice dude.I feel really honored to know him and he is humorous, poetic, supportive, caring, kind, warm and loving. He will say time waits for no one, no matter what we do or did not do, time stops for no one, take the best chance you can now and always make sure you're happy. Pour happiness like latte...He is disciplined and accepts others the way they are and want the same. He likes genuine and honest conversations. He is looking for a genuine lover, doesn't care about the distance which will only be for a while, someone he can plan the future with, loving, caring, honest and with no past baggage. He is family oriented and his fun to be with.....