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Trish A friend has endorsed this member so this is a DateMyFriend verified profile 45, looking for a male between 40-50
  • Age: 45
  • Sex: Female
  • Area: Gold Coast Qld, Australia

How my friend Christel describes me...

Trish is a creative, passionate human and you will find, is many things, to many people, including a dear friend to me.

You will find she is easy to talk with and I love we can talk about anything (ps don't try and beat her at music trivia... she will win every time) and make me laugh hysterically on even the hardest of days.

She is the ultimate organiser who pays attention to the details. And she loves a good dress up party, and there many a story I could tell about those.

You should date my friend Trish as she is genuine, brutally honest, caring, funny, cute, interesting, patient and my calm in the midst of my storm.



How other friends reviewed Trish...

Trish is my sister, she is supportive and loyal to those in her wolf pack, she is a great host and organiser of activities including concerts, shows, BBQs and more. A devoted supporter of the Sydney Swan, she also loves animals and is a great cook. If Trish sounds like someone you wanna meet then go for it, at the very least you will have a great new friend or you may just find your match - it's simple really my big sister is an epic human.

- Lisa

Very outgoing and bubbly, Trish is fun to be around. She loves to test out new venues and see live bands (loves a dance), but she is equally at home lounging on the couch watching a good movie or the AFL.
Trish is very family orientated and is very supportive and loyal to the people she cares about.
A match for Trish will be someone who has a passion for life, someone who is strong and dependable, someone who loves to have fun.

- Sharon

Trish is a fun, loyal friend with a big heart. She is full of life and really goes out of her way for those people she cares about. She's independent and well spoken and is brilliant at music trivia. Anyone she brings into her special circle is lucky to be be there. Trish has a cheeky sense of humour and loves a laugh. Oh and she makes a brilliant roast dinner!

- Amber