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Safety Guidelines
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We want you to have a safe dating experience, that's why we've put together tips to make sure you know the ins and outs of online dating safety.

Now is the best time to consider what you want from a relationship and how to safely meet new people online. While the majority of singles out there are good individuals it's still important to proceed with caution.

DateMyFriend doesn't provide background checks on our members or subscribers and whilst we do take steps to protect our members, ultimately your online and offline safety is your responsibility. Safety should be a top priority for you so use these tips and common sense to help make sure your dating experience is safe, comfortable and fun. With our tips you can steer towards a brilliant relationship!

  • Creating Your Profile

  • Connecting Online

  • Meeting in-person

  • Identifying Scammers

  • Safety

Safety when creating your online dating profile

It's important you protect your identity and personal information until you choose to give it out. We recommend you:

Protect your password: Lots of us use our technology in cafes or public places or log into sites from public or shared computers. Use caution when you are accessing your account so others can't view or record your password or personal information. Always make sure you log out of public computers.

Don't share your contact information: It's essential you don't use your home address, email address or contact details in your profile (that's visible) or in initial communications (it is recommended our Safe Number feature should be used for all initial communication). Once you have spent some time getting to know someone through the site and you feel comfortable that they're genuine, by all means get in touch

Be anonymous: Don't include your last name, place or work, or any other information that could help to identify you in your initial communications or profile.

Safety when connecting online

Getting to know people can be exicting, but take you time. If they're in it for the same reasons your are then what's another couple of the weeks if it mean you have a better feel for that person before you meet them?

Don't get a false sense of security because you're on a dating website – act with caution and learn more about someone before you meet them in person. And remember, sometimes instincts can be confused by feelings so get to know them more before you start to give out more of your personal information.


  • Using the DateMyFriend Safe Number feature for all phone and text contact until you feel totally safe and confident to share your own personal number with the single you have connected with.
  • Giving out an anonymous email address when you start to contact people outside of DateMyFriend.
  • Doing your research – Investigate the person you're becoming interested in. Do a Google search and see if they have a Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account. You can learn a lot about someone by how they conduct themselves online.
  • Keeping in mind that Date MyFriend does not enquire into the background of our members. We don't do background security checks or attempt to verify information of our members.

Safety when meeting in person

It's always exciting meeting someone for the first time but you still need to be cautious. Here are our dos and don'ts:


  • Tell family and friends where you're going, with who and how long you'll be. Keep them up to date with how your date is progressing
  • Watch your alcohol intake – it's easy to have too much to drink if you're nervous or excited
  • Take your phone with you
  • Meet in a public place where there are lots of people
  • Get your own way to and from your meeting place
  • Keep all your personal items on you at all times i.e. wallet, phone etc.
  • Leave at any time you feel uncomfortable
  • Tell someone once you're home safely


  • Leave your drink unattended
  • Leave your phone on the table or out of your view
  • Meet in a quiet, secluded place
  • Get picked up from your home address or dropped off to your home address
  • Leave your bag or wallet behind – especially for the ladies who go to the bathroom and leave their bags behind with their date
  • Go to a place where you can't contact anyone i.e. out of phone range or no public phones
  • Stay longer than you should, especially if you don't feel comfortable with your date. Make up an excuse and depart quickly

Most of all, remember to be smart and trust your gut instinct – it will never fail you.

Safety tips to help you identify scammers

Sometimes individuals may not be who they say they are.

It's unfortunate but in this day and age there are scammers out there. It's estimated that scammers are reeling in an astounding $15billion per year from American, Canadian, European and Australian victims. Whilst DateMyFriend have measures in place to protect you, there are some very sophisticated scammers lurking so if your gut tells you something isn't right, block them and report suspicious behaviour immediately.

Some warning signs to look for :

  • Asking to connect through a channel other than DateMyFriend straight away
  • Asking for any financial information or taking too much interest up front with how much you earn, own or your family history
  • Pressuring you for your personal information up front e.g. email address, phone number
  • Claiming to be "stuck" in another county or contacting you from another country
  • Refusing to meet you face to face or speak over the phone
  • Telling you they have a great job offering for you
  • Telling you about their misfortune and a "terrible" situation they need help with
  • Dodging your questions without providing answers, trying to sell you things or seeming off topic or changing the topic quickly

There are many stories you can find on the internet about situations where scammers have been successful. Have a read so you know what to look out for. We are becoming more aware of what scammers get up to and how they approach each scam, so whilst you may want to play along once you are onto them and show them they won't get you, resist the temptation to play with them. Remember they know who you are and have had access to you through your online contact, emails etc so if you do something they don't like, scammers have been known to send through viruses to computers that ruin them. Remember this is not a game to them, it's how they make their money and this could end up being a costly mistake for you.

Safety when it comes to suspicious or unacceptable behaviour

If you encounter any suspicious or anti-social behaviour on DateMyFriend then please report it to us by emailing us directly at

Don't ever send any money to someone you meet online and always keep your bank account information private. There's no reason anyone should ask about your financial information or for money. You can block and report a member by visiting their profile page when logged in and using the dropdown menu and selecting "Block profile".

DateMyFriend is only interested in genuine individuals and not those who demonstrate antisocial behaviour. If you come across someone like that please email us at and we'll investigate his or her behaviour further.

Use your judgment and if something doesn't seem right, it probably isn't. And if you come across any of our members not abiding by the DateMyFriends Terms of Use, or in line with our values, please report them to us.

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