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Safe Number Information
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Keep it private until you’re ready to share

Our new SAFE NUMBER feature allows you to communicate with potential dates, via SMS or calling, without having to reveal your own personal number.

Giving out your mobile number to complete strangers can lead to any number of things. There’s the risk of being stalked through your phone, but a phone number can also lead to discovering your other social media platforms, and in turn, your last name, place of work, friends list, photos...etc

SAFE NUMBER is easy to use and costs only 50c a minute. It can give you the peace of mind that your dates cannot learn anything more about you until you yourself are ready to share this information with them.

To get started you simply need to:

  1. Enter your mobile number with DateMyFriend in your My Phone Book section.
  2. Send a SAFE NUMBER request to your potential date through DateMyFriend.
  3. Purchase tokens so you can get chatting and sending text messages asap.
  4. Once your request is accepted we will send you both a unique SAFE NUMBER code. This code looks like a normal mobile number and will allow you to SMS and call your potential date without revealing your own personal details.

Your personal mobile number will only be used by DateMyFriend to send your potential date’s unique SAFE NUMBER code. DateMyFriend will not reveal your number to any other party.


Case Study – Michael

In my quest to find that perfect partner I, like many others, have been a ‘member’ of most of the leading dating sites and unfortunately some of the dates didn’t go so well.

I arranged one date with a lady from a popular dating site and we exchanged numbers before we met. I liked the sound of her on the phone and we both looked forward to meeting later that week.

After the date, I decided that I didn’t want to proceed to a second date and as politely as possible let her know. Unfortunately for me, this news didn’t go down well with her and I received a bombardment of text messages which were not welcome.

Because she had stored my phone number into her contacts, Facebook connected contacts and identified my Facebook account as a suggested ‘friend’. She now knew my surname, workplace (LinkedIn) and that I had children due to her looking through limited Facebook pictures.

The process of blocking her across all social media platforms was laborious and tainted my experience. I thought to myself, if only I could have communicated without sharing my number!