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  • Age: 33
  • Sex: Female
  • Area: Sydney, New South Wales

How my friend Martha describes me...

Tiecks,Mmmmm,First off,trying to describe your best friend so you can help her find a worthy man is not an easy task but i will give it a shot. Tiecks is a no strong woman,she plays a role of a big sister whenever i need someone to talk to about my profiles,she has always provided me with a shoulder to lean on,She is very reliable,Honest and straight to the Point,she points you in the right direction when you going off your lane,A great Helper and giver,a Phenomenal woman,but she came in small package,am talking about size,she is 5 feet 7 inches tall,Introvert,but loves to have fun and always have a tendency of lightening up every where she goes or anything she touches. She is great with kids,But she is an orphan,lost her father years back,She has lots of scars,won most battles but lost some,she is Human with Flaws and a keen sense of understanding...She respect everyone for their choices,very nonjudgmental, down to earth,lover of nature and adventure,loves to read,travel... This amazing sister of mine is of a two racial background,That makes her an amazing cook,I love to eat at her house all the time,i never pass out on home cooked meals from Tiecks,her sense of humor is out of this world. She is simple and fashionable,I believe she just wants a man she can come to or who will come home to her,Someone she can build a dream with,She is a fighter,she works and understands life enough to know nothing good comes easy,Age and distance should never be a factor or hindrance that's how she see's it.She is very committed as well. I can't say all the sweet things of the world about my sweet friend without pointing out some of her flaws,She is a bit clingy,emotional,stubborn and a workaholic sometimes...I believe whichever man her soul interconnects with will realize he found an angel right here on earth.