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  • Age: 50
  • Sex: Female
  • Area: Quakers Hill, New South Wales

How my friend Melissa describes me...

I have known Geraldine since we were both about 14/15 years old, maybe even younger. We became best friends when we were around 18 years old. She is the friend to me that I go to when something either great or not so great happens and she always has an empathic ear!  Geraldine is an amazing friend and is the one person I call when I need a good laugh, she remembers everything about our shared past and she always lets me know how much she treasures it. Geraldine can get scared pretty easily and will run fast away from spiders and she will give you a good laugh at her reactions when she gets scared and is such a good sport about it. She is always the last one doing the boogy on the dance floor. A very attractive 40 something she can make a group of people laugh and has a charisma that is a little intoxicating. She is funny and full of life and someone my mum says certainly knows how to enjoy her life no matter what happens. If you are good guy who is going to try and woo this gorgeous girl it's best you be prepared to treat her like a lady. She can be a little old fashioned and is one of those girls that will appreciate your chivalry as it let's her know you care. A kind nature with care and compassion is what this woman offers but with her you too must show you acts of kindness that show her you care.