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  • Age: 45
  • Sex: Female
  • Area: Mosman, New South Wales

How my friend Cheryl describes me...

I met my friend Deb 24 years ago at American Express in Sydney , a bright bubbly 21 year old full of smiles. Quite quickly we became partners in crime and travel , Debs bright personality and friendly nature was infectious and she was very easy to talk to and get to know.  Deb had such a great sense of adventure and apart from doing many trips with her over the years she ended up living in both London and Italy travelling and studying Italian. Her travel bought her home fluent in Italian, a change in career, more confident and an even larger zest for life. Debs has an amazing social circle and her friends adore her because she is loyal, caring and lots of fun. The only thing missing in Debs life is a good man who will treat her with respect, be her friend and compliment her life. Debs is an amazing woman who any man would enjoy having by their side and also share Debs strong family values as she loves her family and friends with all her heart! Debs is on the go so needs a man to keep up with her but also keep her grounded! She could slow down a bit but doesn't know how to! No time wasters as Deb will be onto you straight away, she deserves someone who wants the same things in life so man up fellas!