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  • Age: 52
  • Sex: Male
  • Area: Annerley, Queensland

How my friend Patricia describes me...

I believe it is befitting to tell how Richard and I became friends. As any newcomer who’s no spring chicken will tell you, making friends in a new country takes time and emotional availability. And that making friends is key to a happy life in whatever place one has decided to call home. I had arrived in Australia only a couple of weeks when I met Richard – a rugged Aussie in his forties. We first met in a common acquaintance dinner party, one of those dinners where everyone contributes to one big conversation. So I learned little about him other than he had a certain liking for colourful shirts and a fine-tuned sense of humour. We met again shortly after for that same acquaintance’s farewell dinner. This time we were able to converse one on one about traveling, world politics, life in Australia and ourselves. What struck me most about Rick was his above average intelligence and cultured nature but without being a pretentious fop. Then, when understanding that I was establishing a new life in Australia and that my social network was limited to my non-aussie colleagues, Richard was kind to invite me to tag along with him to one of his hiking adventures. And I did. That was a wonderful day; and many other in his company ensued. He made sure to include me in most of his social activities and get-togethers: Rick understands the importance of being cared about. And you know what they say: "feeling cared about is to the heart what water is to your body." Richard is currently single; and when I met the fabulous Tiffany Braidwood - founder of datemyfriend, I was finally able to convince Rick that this was the right platform for him to try online dating. Now, spoiler’s alert: Rick is capable of engaging in a heated conversation about sci-fi whilst doing 22 push-ups straight. And which fun-loving woman wouldn’t like that?