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  • Age: 33
  • Sex: Male
  • Area: Aberglasslyn, New South Wales

How my friend Belinda describes me...

My friend Graeme was my "Bridesman" at my wedding (that's a man bridesmaid). What a trooper he was that day! He babysat whilst the rest of us girls got our hair and make up done and brought us all drinks and food all morning. He's a genuine, honest, down to earth guy, who is funny as hell. He's the real deal. He owns his own house, has a solid well-paying job, and is ready to meet a lovely lady to share his life with. His favourite music is rock/alternative/punk, and he loves outdoor adventure. Boating, motor biking, four wheel driving are all on his list of interests. He also enjoys watching a variety of sports. His favourite thing to do is have a lazy afternoon BBQ with a few good mates. If you're a lovely, down to earth lady, who doesn't take life too seriously, and you're aged between 25-35, please date my mate!