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Frequently Asked Questions
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No other site in Australia gets your friends or family involved in setting up your online dating profile. DateMyFriend is more like a virtual ‘wingman’who knows you well and can probably describe you better than you can describe yourself. We encourage honesty and integrity and have steps in place to ensure all site users are as genuine as possible. This is a fun alternative to other dating websites and at a better price!

Yes! Only one friend can write your main profile description but you can ask for up to 10 other friends for a 'review'. This is a small statement about your personality and/or friendship that will help back up your main description and help other users get to know you better. Once you approve them they will be visible on your profile and you are free to delete and replace what reviews you wish to be included.

At any time, singles can change their photos and personal data such as profession, location, smoking etc. Once you are logged in, this is done through your DateMyFriend "Quicklinks>Preferences>My Profile & Settings. DateMyFriend wants the information provided about you to be authentic and original from your friends perspective however we also know how important it is for you to be happy with the description your friend has written for you. For this reason, our singles do have the opportunity to request a small change to the description however we want the single to remember DateMyFriend is all about someone else describing the single. If the single has had too much influence on what the friend has written about them, it's no longer truly the friends description.

If you’ve asked a friend to write your description and they haven’t received an email from us then ask your friend to check their Junk folder or 'Social' & 'Promotions' folders if they're using Gmail, as it may have been misplaced there. If it's still not there, ask them to contact us at providing the email address you registered for them and your email address. We'll endeavour to solve the problem asap.

People can get busy with their own lives but don’t worry, you can easily ask someone else to write your description for you. Just go to ‘Account & Profile’ then ‘Send a Reminder’to delete your original request. You will then be prompted to send off a replacement request to another friend. We recommend, of course, that you let your first friend know you’re asking someone else to complete your profileas you’re keen to get started. Just remember whilst you can have up to 10 ‘Friend Reviews ’visible on your profile, you can only have one main Friend Description.

Don’t worry! You will be able to request an amendment from your friend if you’re not completely happy with what they’ve written. It won’t go live on the site until you are happy. It’s important to remember DateMyFriend wants the information provided about you to be authentic and original from your friends perspective. However, we also know how important it is for you to be happy with your description. While you do have the opportunity to request changes we want you to remember DateMyFriend is all about someone else describing you. If you have had too much influence on what your friend has written about you, then it's no longer truly the friends description.

Yes you can and whilst we don't recommend it, we understand some individuals may not feel confident to ask a friend to help them out so would prefer to write their own. If our members have chosen to write their own, we strongly suggest they still ask a friend to do a Review for them which is very quick and easy to do.



Members who have had their friends write their profile descriprtion for them rather than writing it themselves have a DateMyFriend verified profile and will feature more prominately on our site. This is due to the fact those members have had a friend endorse for them.

Yes you can. Just log into your profile and go to your Account and Profile page and select "Request a friend description".

Having a friend endorse a member by having their profile written for them by a friend is our primary point of difference to other dating sites and provides other members comfort knowing someone has a friend willing to vouch for them in their quest to find someone special online. This also demonstrates a genuine desire to meet someone special and they are less likely to waste others time if they have made the effort to get help from their friends. It's also not always easy to write your own profile and friends often have a totally different view of who someone is which is great for others to hear about. 



First impressions are important and a photo can speak a thousand words! So it's important you upload good quality photos. We recommend your photo is a close up, face and shoulders shot; leave it to your additional photos to show off your lifestyle and interests. A smile also goes a long way to a good impression. Try to avoid poorly lit, blurry photos and make sure the photo is a good size (over 640x640 pixels). Your profile photos need to show you at your best! Copyrighted photos, photos with children or photos showing guns or knives are not permitted and will be removed from your profile by one of our team.

DateMyFriend allows a profile to have up to 20 photos (including your main profile photo and the photo a friend may have uploaded). Please note all photos need to be approved by the DateMyFriend team and will be approved promptly. Try to make sure your photos do a good job of representing you as an individual and having a variety of photos always help to present a personality and what someone might like to do. Photos can be a great conversation starter and show where there may be common interests. Breaking the ice can also be a lot easier if there are photos to refer to.

Photos can be uploaded in the following formats; jpg, jpeg, gif or png. It's better to upload good size photos so you look your best on all fronts. If a photo is in the right format and there are still issues uploading, it could be trouble with the size of the photo. We can try and help where possible so send us an email with the photo to and we'll see what we can do to help. Remember to include the registered email address so we know we're uploading the photo onto the right profile!



Videos are becoming more and more popular in social media and can really help to represent who you are and what you want in a relationship. Again, first impressions are important and as a photo can speak a thousand words, so can a video! So it's important you upload a good quality video, be authentic and relaxed (as hard as that is sometimes!). We recommend your video is no longer than 30 seconds (it is said that Goldfish now have longer attention spans than humans so you have between half a second and 5 seconds to capture someone's attention!). Maximum file size is 20MB. Ensure you include in your video a little about you, what you are looking for in a relationship and what makes you tick. A smile also goes a long way to a good impression and try to avoid a poorly lit video. Your video needs to show you at your best so don't be afraid to load one and most importantly  be yourself! Copyrighted videos, video's with children or videos showing guns or knives are not permitted and will be removed from your profile by one of our team.



Any changes to your profile can be made through your ‘Account & Profile’or ‘Edit Profile’ links which are found on your logged in My Home page.


We don’t want people to hide behind made up silly usernames that don’t always accurately represent someone and can sometimes represent you in a bad light. DateMyFriend is about honesty and integrity and finding a partner isn’t a game. So being upfront and honest in the ‘name department’ is a good start. 


At any time, singles can change their response, photos, personal data (such as profession, location, smoking etc.). Once you are logged in follow the ‘Account & Profile’ or ‘Edit profile’ links to make any changes.

If you're friend has written your profile description for you your profile is considered "Verified" as you have had a friend endorse you and support you in your quest to find someone special. Your profile will also feature more prominently on our site and come up first in searches. 

It's easy to search through all our wonderful singles - all you have to do is register with us for free first so you can use our search functions. Once you’ve selected your criteria in the Search bar and hit the Search button a list of singles that match your criteria will appear. The more active the user has been on the site, the higher up the list they will appear. So in order to come out on top in searches we recommend our singles log in frequently to make themselves more active. 

Every member has the opportunity to ‘Favourite’ a profile of someone they like. In doing so you are subtly letting this person know you’re interested. They will be sent a message that you like them and then if you’re lucky they may ‘Favourite’ you too!

No! This function is for your reference only. If you find a profile you like but you’re not sure you want to let them know yet then you can ‘bookmark’ their profile in your "Saved profiles" list. The person will only be messaged that someone likes them but not who you are. You will remain anonymous until you move them into your ‘Favourites’ list.

No, it's completely anonymous so only you can see who you've moved into this list. Once you 'block' a single then they will no longer be able to view your profile and you will not show up in any of the searches. So they won't be able to add you to their 'Favourites' or 'Looks Interesting' lists. Their profile will no longer appear in your searches either, unless you 'Unblock' their profile.

If you're a Friend of a Single then when you 'block' a profile it will no longer appear in your searches.

People can hide their profile for a while if they’re taking a break or they could’ve removed their profile altogether. If you would like to follow this up further please contact us at and we'll be glad to help.

All messages that are sent will be visible in the receivers Inbox. Depending on the users preferences, they will receive an email notification or when they next log in to DateMyFriend they will see they have a new message in their Inbox.

If you’re browsing through profiles, when you see someone you like then you can add them to your Favourites or Saved Profiles lists. Anyone you add to your Favourites list will be notified you like them and you will then appear in their Who likes you list. If you’re not sure how much you like someone’s profile but would like to ‘bookmark’ them for later then you can add them to your Saved Profiles list. This is private and can only be seen by you. The person will be notified someone likes them but your identity will remain anonymous until you move them into your Favourites list.



Once you've found a potential date and would like to make contact, just follow the ‘Send a message’ link to write them an email. They will only be able to reply properly if they have also subscribed to DateMyFriend.

If you'd like to take it one step further, you can send a request to contact them by phone or text through our Safe Number feature





We’re here to help so if you have any problems signing up please just send us an email at with as many details as you can provide and we'll help you out as soon as possible.

We can be all guilty of forgetting login details these days but this is easily fixed. Just click on the 'Forgotten login details' link and we’ll get you up and running again in no time.

Yes! You'll need to be logged in to change your password. Follow the ‘Account Settings’ link and enter your new password before clicking the UPDATE button.


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Couldn’t find an answer to your question? No problem. Just ask it here and we’ll get back to you soon.