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Do you agree that flirting is an art? Our top flirting tips for 2020 

Clock  Aug 14, 2020       Clock  0 Comments

By Tiffany Villaluz 

The biggest mistake made in flirting, is not flirting! But there’s no doubt about it, flirting is an art.

It’s how we let someone else know that we like them or find them attractive and/or would like to get to know them a little better!

Flirting is usually conducted verbally or physically (a slight brush of the hand…) and is usually playful and indirect.

You can even flirt with someone by performing little random acts of kindness, just to let them know that you care and you’re thinking of them…

But then there’s, 2020 – the year that’s brought about so many changes in our lives including the way we interact. Social distancing has forced us to rethink the ways in which we flirt considering that physical flirting is kind of… well, not allowed!

The good news is that in Australia, COVID-19 doesn’t have the entire country in lockdown and most of us can still go out for a drink or a meal. If that’s not you right now, then hang in there, we will all come out of this!

With that said and keeping this global pandemic in mind here are our top 6 tips to up your flirting game today whether it is in person or virtually!

1. Scope out your person of interest’s flirting language. Suss out how you think they convey feelings of reciprocated attraction and go with it. After all, they say that imitation is one of the highest forms of flattery.

2. Give them your undivided attention. Whether you’re on the phone or Zoom, make sure the other person knows you’re listening to every word they say.

3. Make eye contact (if possible). Eye contact shows that you’re confident. Don’t stare though, no matter how gorgeous the other person might be, we’re going for confident and alluring here, not creepy!

4. Relax! Being weird or awkward around someone you fancy can be pretty normal when you have all the nervous jitters happening. However, the more relaxed you are, the more relaxed the other person will be too! After all, flirting should be innocent and spontaneous.

5. Smile! Not the big cheesy grin, continuous crazy person smile…just try to remember smile occasionally and when appropriate! Smiling can be contagious (perhaps, that’s not a good word to describe anything at the moment, but you know what I mean!). Let’s put it this way, smiling is friendly, and it shows you’re having fun. And people are naturally drawn to others who look like they’re having fun.

Okay, let’s recap:

  • Eye contact
  • Relax
  • Smile!

Got it! Let’s move on…

6. Create an Air of Mystery about yourself. Sounds cool right?! Sounds difficult? – maybe! Well, I’m here to tell you it’s not! And that people have used this technique since the beginning of flirting time. Here’s what you do…

  • Be a little vague. Don’t give too much away too soon. This gives the other person the opportunity to try and “fill in the gaps” so to speak.
  • Stay calm! People that are over the top and over-animated can come off as intimidating. So be cool! Because staying calm is also a good way to keep that air of mystery and intrigue about yourself going.

Above all, just have FUN! Flirt without an agenda because there aren’t any promises attached to flirting with someone. Oh, and unless you’re talking or having a video chat with that person, stay off your phone!

Got any tips we didn’t mention? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!


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