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To Valentines, or not to Valentines that is the question? 

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Valentines Day has always bought up mixed emotions for me whether I was single or in a relationship. In either relationship status, there was always some  anxiety that would creep in.

There were years I’d be in the office and see all the roses being delivered to reception and the whole day, I was hoping the next bunch was for me. If I was attached, I would be thinking “why couldn’t my boyfriend do that”so everyone could see how much I was loved and thought of on this special day. If I was single, it was like I was screaming, “hey everyone I’m single and don’t have anyone who thinks I’m special! ” ……Really??

For many, Valentines Day can be a day of mixed emotions – disappointment, love, affirmation, romance or just leaving many humans feeling somewhat insignificant.

So why does Valentines Day present so many different feelings? Whilst I do love flowers being delivered, many people ask the question, why am I being told that on that particular day the 14thFebruary, that I have to show you how much I love you?

Most would admit that like other particular times of year, Valentines day is a true example of over commercialisation and the expectation for people to spend money and take part.

But it can also be exciting, surprising, romantic, put a smile on many faces and sometimes, the start of many beautiful relationships.

We as humans do tend to place a certain amount of expectation on Valentines Day. Everyone still loves a bit of romance and it’s actually nice to see that hasn’t died and I hope it never does. We just need to lower our expectations- whatever our relationship status may be and talk to our partners about what we’d like to do. If it’s important to us say so, so there is no guessing involved. And if we are single, think of it as just another day for those ‘lovely dovey’ people in a relationship to reassure one another how they feel.

Whatever your plans for Valentines Day, if you’re alone, that’s ok. If this day reminds you of something you may have lost, it’s ok to be sad. If you have a significant other, it’s also ok not to have to do anything but also fantastic, if you do!

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