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How to write a killer profile description! 

Clock  Oct 23, 2018       Clock  0 Comments

By Tiffany Villaluz

It’s the same with any dating app, a description will make or break your chances of landing that ever-elusive date and lets face it, you have a lot of competition out there! Here at DateMyFriend, we want to make things easy for you because we, legitimately, are rooting for you. And when it’s the first thing people see, right after your name, coming up with an enticing description is difficult as we don’t often know how to sell ourselves without going over the top or not doing enough!

There are literally hundreds of profiles on our site, with many that are written for them by their friends. That already puts you at a disadvantage as profiles who have had their friend endorse them means they can look more genuine and are backed up by someone who rates them – projects more confidence in who they may be immediately right? So as you’re writing your own, you need to write something unique, different from everybody else and something that stands out without giving away too much. Not knowing and discovering each other is half the game of single dating which is why writing a killer description is so important cause you have just a minute to impress.

On that note, we’ll leave you with a couple of tips for writing your own description:

  1. Write more not less. Writing a unique description is all about the details. You can talk about how you love coffee, but almost everyone loves coffee. Instead, why not talk about how you like to lounge at your favourite coffee haunt and do some people watching, or better yet, don’t talk about your coffee excursions and look for other interesting details in your life. But you can never go wrong with writing more. List down a bunch of random things about you on paper and pick out the most interesting and unique one.
  2. Your profile is not just about you. Yes, okay, so it’s your profile. But consider the person at the other end reading your profile. Adding a quick blurb that somehow addresses your “target market”, makes you look not so self-indulgent. And it’s also a great way to connect. “Looking forward to learning more about you too”, add a one-liner like that at the end to make a big impact.
  3. Put an icebreaker on your description.The easiest way to get a person to connect with your profile is to add clickbait on your description. Ask a question or at least give them something easy to talk about with you. That way, they’ll have an easy way to approach you when they get ni touch for the first time. Pick a subject or say something silly. Don’t be afraid to get casual, it will make you more approachable and it’s the easiest way to get the two of you to start chatting away.
  4. Write not like you’re writing a resume. I mentioned not to be afraid of getting casual earlier. On this last tip, take it up a notch higher. Don’t be afraid to write something that’s weird and unique about you. It can be something unusual that you want to try, something unique that makes you perky, or even an odd trait – “like dipping fries in ice cream”. Whatever you decide on, be different, keep it cute and stand out!

Now get started on writing your stand out description and start looking for that someone special!

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