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‘Dick Pic’ anyone?? 

Clock  Aug 02, 2018       Clock  0 Comments

By Tiffany Villaluz

OK .. let’s talk about penises … actually let’s talk about Penises and Vaginas …. cue the scratchy record sound and awkward silence… hmmmm should I go with a softer approach … use ‘fun’ nouns … OK .. let’s get into a good ol’ ding dong about the Hairy Hotdog or Dude Piston .. or the Vagina alternatives… the Dragon’s Lair or Lady Garden…. whatever you wish to call your ‘bits’ … perhaps you’re still feeling a little uncomfortable having this discussion?? Whilst most of us have many other things that we would prefer to chat about, apparently lots of people, men AND women may not be too keen to join the chit-chat … but …. they’re more than happy to send off a full colour, possibly enhanced PICTURE of their bits.. the infamous ‘DICK PIC’.

Lets’ face it – the genitals of men and women are not generally considered the most attractive part of the human anatomy. So why do men and women have an urge to jettison these pics off into cyber-space? ‘Dick pics’ seem to be a regular occurrence amongst today’s singles. Often unwanted, a picture of a throbbing member arriving into your inbox whilst you are consuming your morning coffee can be.. well a tad unsettling.

I received my first ‘dick pic’ recently and was mortified! I’m not on a dating site so I wondered why anyone would think this was welcomed and might turn a complete stranger on? No one should have to be subjected to an erect penis … or a glistening vagina … without his or her express permission or consent. Sure, plenty of women (myself included) enjoy looking at and appreciating men’s bodies – just not their dicks! Similarly women’s naked bodies have for centuries been considered works of art … but a close up of a vag in all its glory… seriously??? Soooo NOT art!

I was asked “did you report him?” But who would I report him to? This talks to the more serious side of these unsolicited photos. Being flashed in the street is considered to be an act of indecent exposure in a public place. Men who flash women typically do it out of a deviant, possibly overwhelming urge for arousal. Police say that the urge for a man to flash a woman in public is more than likely the start of worse crimes to come. Should we be more worried about ‘flashing’ online?

Or are we being a little too politically correct? Is it ok? Just a bit of a laugh? And why do some women or men get sent more than others? Are some sending out a signal that they are open to receiving them?

Surprisingly (or not?) women are also jumping on the genital sharing bandwagon. And not all men agree with or see the benefit of this growing vag sharing trend. “If I did get an unsolicited “V-pic on my phone, I’d be suspicious. Who the hell sent it and why? “

Not all men agree with the ‘dick pic’ trend either. “Because of them, they make ladies a lot harder to get to chat to, because they’re always waiting for the DP to come through. Many guys feel these pics are cheap thrills but for women they are unwanted, unasked for and unnecessary”.
So folks it’s out there. It can’t be easily controlled legally as the ‘source’ is generally too hard to prove, perhaps this is why it’s becoming more common? There seems to be little to no threat legally and would we bother to report it anyway?

For what it’s worth guys and gals, DON’T SEND THEM UNLESS YOU’RE ASKED TO! And remember, once they’re out there, they can be used against you (blackmail anyone?). And would you want to date anyone who so freely sends pictures of their bits?

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