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Choosing the Right Online Dating Pictures 

Clock  Apr 20, 2017       Clock  0 Comments

By Tanya Whelan 


Your profile image is possibly the first thing a potential date is going to see. You can read so much about a person just from their photograph so it’s important you choose the right images that will project YOU. Those first few fleeting moments your image flickers past a potential date can win or lose them straight away.

It’s not about being ‘ridiculously good looking’ though. A study on OKCupid {} found that women actually prefer to contact the more ‘average’ type of guy over the shirtless, pouting, muscle men. These gym junkies are clearly trying too hard and are unaware that most women don’t actually care about that stuff as much. However, another study on OKCupid found that women posting pictures of themselves in the classic ‘Myspace shot’ {} actually received the most responses. Go figure!

What’s important is that you show true images of yourself at your best but also images that tell the true story of who you are. Don’t try to be something you’re not. Online dating is one place where you can be yourself. You only want to attract people who are going to love you just the way you are!

So what WILL increase your chance of meeting more like-minded people, regardless of your gender or sexual preference? Show off your ‘uniqueness’ through your profile pictures. Let people know what makes you interesting and fun to hang out with. Illustrate in your pictures any hobbies, your sense of humour and your interests. You want to find someone who has things in common with you so be truthful and honest.

Here’s some tips that will help you choose the perfect profile pictures:

1) You doing something interesting

Feature yourself being active or doing something you love. Have you run a marathon? Are you a keen mountain biker? Do you like to paint? Or play netball? If you don’t have any pictures of you doing something fun then grab a friend and have them take a couple.

These pictures not only show you aren’t sitting at home pining for a partner, but that you have other interests and lead a full and exciting life! They might attract people with similar interests or who are keen to try one of your hobbies. This creates conversation and banter and can possibly lead to organising a date around your common interest. The easier you make it for someone to contact or respond to you, the better.

2) You with friends

Show off your social side and include a couple of pictures with friends, looking relaxed and happy. Too many selfies can be boring and artificial. It’s nice for people to see you are capable of having healthy relationships, lead a normal life and (hopefully!) aren’t going to turn into a psycho-stalker. DateMyFriend is all about your friends so let people see you have them but make sure it’s not a huge group shot. They need to spot you easily. You with 1 or 2 other people is ideal.

3) You with family

This is another step up from a ‘friends’ shot. Showing pictures of you with family can imply you’re close to them, giving the impression that ‘family’ is important to you. A sweet sister or loving grandchild, it puts you in the ‘good guy’ basket which will hopefully only attract other ‘good guys’. Pictures of you with a cute neice or nephew can also suggest you’d be a great mum/dad and so put you in the ‘wife/husband ready’ basket. Be sure you’re sure what message you’re wanting to send before you hit UPLOAD!

4) You with a pet

These shots tend to work best for the men, according to OKCupid, as women are generally very attracted to blokes who love animals. It gives off a playful, yet gentle and protective impression, showing a sensitive side that women love. Plus, when women see a cute guy cuddled up to a snuggly animal, we just imagine how good you’ll be at cuddling us. Surprisingly the study showed that women posing with animals didn’t get such a high response. But it’s still better to be honest about the pooch in your life if you want them to stay part of the family when you meet the love of your life down the track.

5) Your full body

Now, you don’t have to take your shirt off or strip down to lacy underwear for this but it’s just good to have at least one picture in your profile that show’s you from head to toe. People get nervous of the ‘unseen’ and start wondering what you might be hiding, so unless you want to remain a mystery (which could mean people pass you by) throw in that full body shot. Most importantly make sure it’s an accurate and recent image. There’s no use posting an image of you 10 years ago looking younger and fitter because as soon as you meet you for a date they are going to feel duped and lied to.


So remember to always be genuine and real. You only want to attract people who are going to like you the way you are. Starting a relationship on lies is NEVER going to work! Show off your best sides without hiding your true physical appearance and age. And be happy. People are attracted to ‘happy’ and the self-confidence this exudes. Be yourself, so the right person for YOU will come along.


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