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Handy Hints on DateMyFriend 

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Profile and Review writing

Whether you’re writing your friend’s main description or just a small friend review, the most important thing is to tell the truth. Don’t make stuff up as it’s your friend who will not seem genuine if they can’t live up to your words. This is a great opportunity to give a completely different perspective of your friends personality, interests and quirks…etc

It helps other singles to know that people have friends who rate each other highly enough to take time-out to write nice things about them, so it’s good to talk about why you are friends and what you think your friend would bring to the table in a relationship.

It’s ok to mention the good with the bad! A bit of friendly banter will be great insight into the single’s personality. But be nice about it and try to think of things that will portray the best in your friend.

Maybe some of the following questions will help inspire you:

How long have you known your friend?

How did you meet and where?

What makes them a good friend?

How would you describe their personality?

Do they have a nickname and how did it come about?

What quirky, annoying, funny habits do they have?

Do they have any favourite films/music/books/hobbies?

What are their goals in life?

Do they have any pet-hates?

What type of person are they looking for?


Boost your profile

The more you login and search the DateMyFriend database, the more visible you will appear in other single’s search lists. This means, if you’re not active for a while then you will fall down the search list and a potential date will have to scroll through a lot of profiles before they get to see you. However, a regular user will appear near the top of a search list and is therefore more likely to be seen first by a potential date. So for a better chance of being noticed, we recommend you try to check in with DateMyFriend regularly.

It’s also good to be proactive in your searching and ‘Favouriting’. Let people know you like them by moving them into your Favourite’s list. And if you’re feeling confident, send them a message and get the ball rolling.

Another good profile boost is to occasionally change up your photo’s. Swapping your main headshot can breath new life into your profile and may mean you get noticed by someone else that breezed past you previously. It’s good to keep your photo’s and information as current as possible so that there’s no embarrassment down the track when you meet potential dates.

Don’t forget the more you search, the more likely you are to find someone you might want to contact; we have new users joining every day so enjoy and take advantage of our unique platform.


Conversation starters

Making the first move can be a little tricky but a good place to start is to refer to something that catches your eye in the single’s profile description or information. This demonstrates that you have read their profile and you’re interested in them specifically. You might have something in common, or a question about their interests. Some examples might be “love your photo, where was that taken?”; or “your friend sounds as cheeky as mine, how long have you known each other for?”; or “Great to see you love cooking! What’s your specialty?”; or “I love surfing too.”

You want to make someone feel special so we recommend avoiding generic emails like “nice profile, lets chat”, or even worse, “can we hook up.”

While it can be frustrating if you don’t get a response back, remember there are many reasons why this could be. We encourage users to always respond to messages, even if it’s with just a “thanks but no thanks.” But there’s many other great singles out there who WILL respond so keep looking and don’t be put off straight away.


Responding to emails

It can be hard to make the first move and write an email to someone you like, so we feel it’s only fair that you try and respond to all emails you receive. This may mean just replying with a “thanks for your flattering email, but I’m sorry I don’t feel like we are a good match.”

If you are, in fact, interested in getting to know your admirer better then we recommend you respond in a way that shows you have read their profile and email carefully. Be honest and truthful in all your responses. There’s no point in pretending to be tall, thin, rich or young…etc as all will be revealed if the relationship takes off. Remember your goal is to find a real relationship with a person who wants the same things as you. If you’re not on the ‘same page’ then don’t waste anyone’s time.

You may be lucky enough to exchange more emails together, however, if you reach a point where you aren’t interested in pursuing a relationship with this person then let them down gently. Nobody likes to be led on and it’s confusing if someone just ‘disappears’ so be respectful of those you come into contact with.

You are under no obligation to divulge your address, phone number or any other personal information until you are ready. Likewise, don’t push people for this information, especially if you haven’t already exchanged a few emails.



It’s important to remain comfortable and safe throughout your dating journey so never do anything you don’t feel 100% happy about. If you see or receive anything inappropriate please report it to us immediately at and block any profiles that make you uncomfortable. We do not approve of any obscene or abusive contact and members will be banished immediately should this occur.

If you choose to take your online relationship to the next level and meet in person then please make sure you have read our Safety section.

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