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Old fashioned matchmaking in the digital age 

Clock  Mar 31, 2017       Clock  0 Comments

By Tiffany Braidwood


Why struggle with your online dating profile when you can recruit your best wingman (or wingwoman) to help get you noticed. There was a time when a person would meet their partner at work, church or through family and friends. But nowadays online dating has lost its stigma and many people are looking for a partner online, in fact one in three American couples now meet online. Even Khole Kardashian has dipped her toe in the online dating pool.

But what if you could combine the best of both worlds and have every advantage that the online dating world provides with the reassurance of a good friend as your wingman or wingwoman.



“Writing an online dating profile can be a challenge – how do you sound witty and interesting and not a weirdo or a bore?” #DateMyFriend


Online dating with an old fashioned twist

39% of people still meet their partners through their friends. That’s why DateMyFriend wants to maximise your chance of dating success by recruiting your friends to help with your online dating profile.
And the stats are good with one third of people meeting online nowadays and even reports that online dating leads to higher marriage satisfaction and lower divorce.


Online dating has lost its stigma

It’s far more culturally acceptable now for people to try online dating than it was 10 years ago. We all know someone who has used online dating or has met their partner through online dating. In fact, 59% of Americans believe that online dating is a good way to meet people.

Use your wingman or wingwoman to get your online profile noticed
Your friends and family often know you better than you know yourself.
They’re usually the first to see our blind spots and our less than flattering qualities but they still love us. Imagine harnessing their knowledge when it came to writing your online dating profile.

Writing an online dating profile can be difficult – how do you sound witty and interesting and not a weirdo or bore? DateMyFriend has the answer – we recruit your bestie to write your profile – not only does it take the pressure and stress out of it but it actually adds a level of interest and authenticity that’s often missing in the online dating world.

Just think about how great it’d be to have a more flattering and realistic profile that you didn’t have to write yourself!


Who knows you better than yourself?

DateMyFriend really wants to help you not only put a more authentic profile out there, but get a much more genuine description of potential dates too with all singles getting their friends to write their online dating profile.

We want you to get a more meaningful measure of a potential date so we stop people from hiding behind fake user names like ‘Hot_Guy_4_U’ that really tell you nothing, or nothing flattering.

Besides wanting more authentic online dating profiles DateMyFriend also wants your friends to help you find your perfect match too. Your friends can also look at dating profiles and give you suggestions for potential dates!

Lets take advantage of the wonderful wide world of the internet. In our day and age we have a great tool that can connect us with other people that we would never had met otherwise! And getting our friends involved can take the scary out of the online dating process.


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