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The format was created to deliver a new approach to online dating in Australia so we're not your average dating website. Everyone on the site has been described by their friends so you know you're getting genuine, no-nonsense write-ups about people who have real friends!

Including friends in the online dating process, makes it easier for the single to open themselves up to the chance of finding someone fabulous through online dating. Acting as a virtual wingman, or woman, means friends can still be involved and walk alongside their single friend as much (or as little) as they are needed.

Whether you are single or have a single friend we hope you enjoy using our site and meeting great new people who other great people have recommended.

We all care about our friends so there's nothing better than seeing them get together with another single who also has friends who care about them…. enough to introduce them to DateMyFriend.

It's currently totally free to join our community and once introduced, our simple price structure will mean that you can have access to all our forms of contact for one low cost. You're not locked in to any deals or asked to upgrade for other contact options like other dating sites. Love doesn't have a set timeline so you can be on here for as long or as little as you like!

If you have any queries then please email us at

How it works

If you're single

  • If you’re single it's easy to start your own profile and add yourself to DateMyFriend.

  • 2
    Get a Friend to
    describe you

    You will then be asked for a friend's details so we can ask them to describe you.

  • 3
    Login and start
    finding great dates

    You can now login and start searching for other great singles! Your friend can even stay involved by making recommendations to you (if you’ve missed them) should you wish! Click here to begin.

How it works

If you have a single friend

  • If you have a fabulous single friend (or two) who you think should be with someone equally fabulous then it’s quick and easy to get the ball rolling and start a profile FOR them.

  • 2
    Get a Friend to
    describe you

    You will then be asked to describe your single friend. Be creative and witty but be aware your single friend will look over and need to approve the description before their profile goes live with it (so no hugely embarrassing stories!).

  • 3
    Login and start
    finding great dates

    You can still be involved and start making recommendations to your friend straight away! Add as many friends as you like! Click here to begin.

You are only eligible to use the Service if you are eighteen (18) years of age or older. Any registration, use or access to the Service by any person under eighteen (18) years is unauthorised, unlicensed, and in breach of the DateMyFriend Terms Of Business

  • Tiffany Villaluz

    Founder and Director

    The world has a funny way of bringing people together! Tanya and I met in April 2015 through a mutual friend and I asked Tanya how she met her lovely husband. It was great to hear it was through an online dating site back in the UK and I could immediately relate as I had also experienced online dating and the trials and tribulations that can go with it. I eventually met my husband through work, but I had spent nearly 5 years on and off online dating sites, never really finding one that I totally felt comfortable with and who I felt represented really genuine singles. Tanya mentioned different dating websites she had experienced overseas that were unique and presented with a different format for meeting people which launched our whole idea of bringing to the Australian market dating online with a difference - DateMyFriend.

    With a background in recruitment, I’ve always been interested in matching people and are passionate about providing a personalised approach with anything you do. Our goal with DateMyFriend was to provide a space where people could enjoy meeting other great people, all recommended by their friends. There’s nothing greater than seeing your wonderful friend dating someone equally wonderful. And on the flip-side it’s comforting to know that new person in your friends life has friends who care about them too!

    Good luck on DateMyFriend and we look forward to hearing about your journey with us.

  • Tanya Whelan


    After living and dating in London for 10 years I was lucky enough to meet my beautiful husband Chris via a dating website. Our friends had signed us up to the site by each writing an online dating profile for us. It was an interesting unique format and meant we both learnt things about each other that only a good friend could present in a truthful, honest, and entertaining way! I found this format a lot more relaxed than other dating websites that required you to think of funny, witty things to write about yourself or fill out endless questionnaires that only matched you with ridiculous people you’d never date in a million years.

    I now have many friends who’ve met their significant others on this same dating website and I only wished there was a similar site in Australia for my amazing Aussie friends too. My path finally crossed with Tiff who loved the concept and literally breathed life into it. We had both experienced online dating sagas but were happy now with our chosen partners-in-crime! We both hope DateMyFriend can be a fun, safe place where singles can meet other great singles thanks to introductions from their friends. Not only can you be assured they actually have friends… LOL…. but they have friends who care about them SO much they are willing to write several paragraphs about this friendship!

    Lotsa luck and love in your search. Please let us know how you go!