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  • Age: 37
  • Sex: Female
  • Area: Thornbury, Victoria

How my friend Siobhan describes me...

My mate is awesome! She’s a great chick to be around and bring a laugh to almost any situation. Caithlin is super talented at her job working in education, and super talented at so much else. She loves love music and can play almost any instrument she puts her mind to. A northern suburbs girl that has a generous soul. Loved by all those around her she just hasn’t met the right one yet.

Caithlin responded with...

Caithlin hasn't responded to her description yet.

A little bit of trivia...

Jumping on a plane to somewhere I’ve never been before
Make the most of whatever hand you’re dealt, and always, above everything else, be kind.
Hmmmm hard to pick one. The most difficult & challenging times have always brought about the most change. Smashing beers atop the Swiss Alps was pretty bloody good too.
A ‘daddy long legs’ spider was, in fact, called a ‘dirty long legs’.
What are your top three travel destinations and why?,What’s your favourite book and/or movie and/or TV series?