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  • Age: 43
  • Sex: Female
  • Area: Darlinghurst, New South Wales
  • Drinking:
    I love a drink or two
  • Smoking:
  • Religion:
  • Education:
  • Employment:
  • Profession:

    Media Lawyer

  • Personal Values:


  • Interests:

    Stand up comedy

  • Last Login: 2 days ago

How my friend Tanya describes me...

Larina is an absolutely brilliant,
funny, thoughtful friend. A talented lawyer in the entertainment and media
world she has lived and worked in both London and Sydney. She’s full of funny
anecdotes and stories from her legal career but to top it off she has also
spent time moonlighting as a stand up comic! But don’t let these achievements
put you off. She is humble and most certainly not in-your-face. She will not
steal your limelight (unless you offer it to her) but she will light up your

She kicks arse as a mother to her
little boy and it is inspiring to see her strong and devoted relationship with
him. This same passion goes into everything she does and I have always valued
her reliability, honesty and loyalty.

She is gorgeous, warm, engaging,
funny, clever, sparky and interesting! I’ve known her nearly 20 years and have
found her to be that wonderful friend that no matter how much time goes by, you
always pick up where you left off. She’s super intelligent but just goofy enough
so that you never feel insecure about your own brain development! While you can
have a good many laughs with Larina you can also enjoy a good serious
conversation on many different topics. A good listener with great advice and
insight, she is a gem of a person to have on your side. Beautiful and sassy,
inside and out, she is quite the catch… if you can handle her sense of humour!

Larina responded with...

Larina hasn't responded to her description yet.