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  • Age: 32
  • Sex: Male
  • Area: Trigg, Western Australia

How my friend Elliott describes me...

Having known Ed my entire life, he is the last of the true aussie , no matter time day or night, he will do anything for you. His integrity would be hard to match. He cherishes friends and family. The best car mechanic I know, cars are his life, hence why I believe he still single. There’s no limit on his adventures, he lives life to the full.

Eddy responded with...

Eddy hasn't responded to his description yet.

How other friends reviewed Eddy...

Eddie is a loveable genuine person who always goes above and beyond to make sure others are okay and always there to help. Definite catch ladies.

- Courtney

Hey, my friend Eddy is awesome! I have known Eddy for many years, and the word solid comes to mind.
Seriously, if was was a female, I’d date him, but alas, I’m not ?
Eddy loves to get out and do stuff, so a date with him, won’t be boring or naff.
I’d just like to say Eddy has not paid me to say these things, he is truly an awesome friend... and I’m sure he would be an awesome date for you!
Get to it now!

- Steve

A little bit of trivia...

The Spontaneous unknown type
It really doesn’t matter what people who aren’t close to you think of you
Solo backpacking through South America
My farming injury would hold me back in life.
Cheating, trying to change who I am, treating my friends like shit
Have you travelled, if so where to?,What was the most uncomfortable/scary situation you’ve been in?