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  • Age: 46
  • Sex: Male
  • Area: Brisbane City, Queensland

How my friend Kambiez describes me...

His a loving and caring father. very passionate about others . his a handful and always have creative ideas over lotta issues. his really a nice and down to earth individual

Drwood75 responded with...

WOW, really Kambiez?! i really dint know that much so happy to have you for a friend bro. Thanks really nice words. Anyways, Matt is one in a million . not only i am handsome inside and out, i have a personality to match! i go beyond for people i love and im not afraid to step outside my comfort zone. i have 2 dogs i love deeply. i have a carrier in healthcare. im looking to find someone to spend life beauties with. to laugh with, to create memories with, and most of all to have fun with!