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  • Age: 29
  • Sex: Male
  • Area: Melbourne, Victoria

How my friend Jessica describes me...

Tim is my brother.

He is 29 and living in Melbourne. 
He is a beautiful man inside and out.
He enjoys sports, including basketball, afl and formula one. He loves a good puzzle - wasgij being his favorite. He has an 8 year old Maltese poodle that he adopted when she was 6 months old. He went to buy a barbecue and came back with a dog! He’s a hard worker, and has being working in building since he was 17. 
He is loyal, generous, kind and a big family man.
I would love to see him with someone that is genuine, honest and looking for the same values as his. He’s a keeper! 

Tim responded with...

Tim hasn't responded to his description yet.

A little bit of trivia...

Travelling the world
Family is the most important thing
Losing my Pop
That steaks were made from apples
Dishonesty, unfaithfulness and not liking Jurassic Park
What’s the biggest puzzle you’ve ever done? ,Would you rather skydive, Oracle game 7 or Monaco GP?