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  • Age: 45
  • Sex: Female
  • Area: Aspendale, Victoria

How my friend Sonja describes me...

My friend Dee is a deeply loyal and genuine person, she's ready for a true 'soul mate' at the risk of sounding cliche. She has many interests, particularly around personal development, so someone who is confident and positive would be very compatible. Dee is a self-motivated entrepeneur, always looking to develop her personal assets and she's motivated to learn more, about people, and the world around her. Dee is a great cook and enjoys cooking for friends, going to art galleries and exhibitions, travel and culture. She enjoys Latin dancing and great conversation and most of all, having fun! Deb is always up for a laugh and she appreciates a good sense of humour. Dee is blond and pretty, with striking blue eyes and a big warm heart. Dee's a great catch, so what are you waiting for?

Dee responded with...

Awww Thank You Sonja for your kind words, you know me so well! Actually its over 30 years of friendship with you!

A little bit of trivia...

Don't judge people - everyone has a past
Travelling through Europe for 3 Months
What would it be like to Travel the World
Infidelity, Lies, Heavy Drinking & Drugs
Do you prefer the Beach or the Mountains?,What type of Travel do you like - Camping - Luxury - Organised Tours?