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  • Age: 31
  • Sex: Female
  • Area: Hawthorn East, Victoria

How my friend Shae describes me...

One of the most fun, adventurous and exciting gals you could meet. This lady will always bring the fun! loyal and supportive, always there for her friends and family. Passionate and ambitious, this you can see through her career in the hotel industry. Sports fanatic! You will find her watching, playing and just making sport so much more fun. Whoever snatches this lady up will be one lucky man!

Shae responded with...

Shae hasn't responded to her description yet.

A little bit of trivia...

Quit your job, pack your bags & choose a destination
Holding onto anger only brings hurt to yourself..
I would always end up in an exciting place..
When was the last time you did something for the first time?,Favourite pastime?