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Shane, Brandon, Queensland

Shane is a ruggedly handsome Aussie bloke with a cheeky sense of humour. He would be sure to make a lady laugh and feel special. Shane loves fishing, exploring the outdoors and travelling. He is a social butterfly and loves spending time with his friends and family. He loves his music- a keen ...

Online dating with a twist!

Have any fabulous single friends?

Here’s your chance to give them a nudge and help out by writing their profile for them!

Are you single and ready to find love?

Get a different perspective on potential dates from their friends and family who know them best!

Fed up with the same old dating sites?

Try this unique format where everyone’s profiles are written for them by their friends.

Do you hate the idea of ‘selling’ yourself?

On DateMyFriend your friend’s write your profile for you so you don’t have to!

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Unique in Australia and made for Aussies, DateMyFriend is a community of like-minded singles who have all had their friends write their profile for them. This means you know you are getting the real deal. Our community could also consist of those who you would not otherwise meet on other dating sites as their friends have given them a helpful nudge by writing their profile for them.

One known commonplace is that a person can usually get a good feel for someone based on their friends and what they have to say about them; after all, who knows a person better than their friends?

Additionally, DateMyFriend takes the pressure off having to write your own profile and staring at the screen for hours thinking how do I sell myself without sounding cheesy, boring or over the top. So we ask your friends to do it for you – simple!

We hope you enjoy DateMyFriend and above all, have fun.

Tiffany Villaluz, Founder and Director